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Wallace PR & Communications

About Us

Wallace PR & Communications is an independent PR and marketing communications agency, based in North Oxfordshire specialising in public relations, sponsorship and marketing communications and was founded in January 2003 by Rebecca Rawson to provide a bespoke PR service to the British Equestrian Federation’s World Class Development Programme.

Since then our expertise now spans horse racing, entertainment and consumer lifestyle sectors, offering strategic advice on sponsorship and effective PR and marketing programmes from implementation to completion. We also represent individual sportspeople.

At Wallace PR & Communications we don’t do ‘fluffy’ PR because you don’t need it and neither do we. Instead we talk to you, find out what you need, agree a plan of action and get on with it.

As well as working closely with our clients, we also believe in working closely with the media to make sure what you are saying is of interest and relevant. It is after all, the media who will ultimately make your campaign a success or not.

Wallace PR & Communications core areas:

  1. Media and Public Relations

  2. Sponsorship Maximisation

  3. Sponsor Relations

  4. Event Management

  5. Press Office

  6. Sports Marketing